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A big "thank you" to Redundant Technology Initiative's major sponsors and helpers, without whom the project could not have reached this stage and wouldn't continue to grow.

Many thanks are also due to our computer donors, many of whom have never before considered supporting an arts project, and to our previous supporters, who have helped us to get the project to this stage. Thank you all, and thanks as well to all of our individual PC donors too numerous to mention here, for your imagination and your positive action!

Yorkshire Arts are supporting RTI's continuing development, and continue to recycle their computers with us.
The Arts Council of England are supporting RTI's continuing development through their OpenE/D eductation project, and the New Media Projects Fund .
TriTec whose "Installing IT Products" students are helping to repair and upgrade donated machines.

The Arts Council of England who, funded by the National Lottery, supported RTI's pilot project.
Backspace who have given us help, advice and leads to many stashes of redundant computers.
Barcelona who gave us most of the desks and other furniture for Access Space.
N.R.Bardwell Ltd. who generously donated their stock of IBM XTs and monitors.
Barker Brettell who gave us their fascinating & historic IBM System 6.
Alan Benison, Chartered Accountant who donated his Stavely practice's old network.
Architechs who generously gave us half a dozen high-res CAD monitors.
Beer Davies Advertising who gave us four very nice networked machines.
Birley Health Centre who donated their 486 network terminals and cabling.
Black Ninja Design who tend this website and designed our logo and T-shirts.
CODA Nottingham who sponsored Paul Matosic's work.
The Community Media Association whose old PCs are sure to be useful!
The Cornerhouse in Manchester, who gave us some Mac Classics plus handy bits and bobs.
Corporation Nightclub who lent us the exhibition space for our pilot project.
CTS Training who donated their immaculately preserved redundant PC clones.
Cyberia, Manchester who were our computer recovery centre during Digital Summer 98.
DCE Communications who gave us a dozen 286 and 386 systems and more!
Digital Summer 98 who funded RTI's installation and recycling programme in Manchester.
Earls Court Olympia Ltd who generously gave us 40 complete 486 systems. Fantastic!
Energis who gave us the carpets, chairs and other furnishings for Access Space.
East Midlands Arts supported the involvement of Paul Matosic and John Denaro in April 98.
The European Regional Development Fund was an important funder of our Access Space lab, making it possible for us to offer free access and learning opportunities to a huge range of people, including individuals and small businesses.
Fasthosts who've given us a huge discount on network services. Thanks!
Federation of Community Work Training Groups who gave Amstrads & a photocopier.
Foxland Electronics who added another monitor to our stock.
Gallery of the Future who helped support the involvement of John Denaro.
General Telecom who installed our phone line free of charge.
The Green Room in Manchester, who hosted our installation at Digital Summer 98.
Huddersfield Art Gallery who hosted our May '99 exhibition.
The Institute of Terrestrial Ecology Furzebrook, who gave us their old machines before their re-org.
InterFACE FM who donated a stack of monitors, a server and a whole load of other stuff too.
Internet FCI provided RTI's internet presence free of charge for two years.
Nacro whose crew of trainees painted Access Space and did a fine job. Thanks, lads!
Johnson Matthey who've given us a Compaq laptop and several hard disks.
Keele Univeristy Psychology Department who gave us PCs and carefully salvaged components.
David Kennedy Computer Training who gave us a pair of 286s and three monitors.
Kirklees Media Centre who gave us five Video Frame Stores and two giant RGB monitors.
Kirklees Metropolitan Council who helped to finance the "TRASH??" exhibition.
Levenshulme High School, Manchester who gave us their huge BBC Network & many PCs.
Lovebytes assisted with RTI's publicity in conjunction with the Hypertribes festival.
Manchester City Art Gallery who gave us four 386 PCs packed with peripherals.
Manchester University Drug Misuse Research Unit who gave us several monitors and early PCs.
Mead Estates Ltd. who donated their ancient but working CBM PETs.
Midland Arts Centre who gave a dozen or more 286 and 386 systems to the project.
The Next Five Minutes who invited us to their 1999 conference.
Panasonic in Bracknell, who've given us some laptops and other fascinating debris.
Dominic Parkinson who donated his magnificent redundant computer stockpile.
Sheffield City Council who gave us valuable practical help and encouragement in the early stages of the project.
Sheffield Independent Film who donated their old office PC setup.
Sheffield Linux User Group whose expert help, contacts & advice are much appreciated.
Sheffield University Computer Services gave us a huge 10-base-T network & much more!
SOLIS who helped us get the name "lowtech.org" registered.
Spot Computer Maintenance who gave us three fine examples of vintage technology.
South Hill Park Arts Centre who hosted our "Used Future" show.
Southern Arts who are supporting our exhibition in Bracknell.
Strodes College who gave us several 286 PCs and a fascinating early VCR.
St. Marylebone Housing Association who donated their old terminal network and its hub.
Technology Recyclers who've given us 90 plus 386/486 units and made helpful ongoing links.
TEST who commissioned the "Landfill" artwork.
TriTec who've given us more than a dozen Amstrad Systems and a vast number of spare parts.
Vertebrate Graphics who have given us their help and advice with our publicity material.
Wakeney Communications who donated their old Olivetti PC and monitor.
West Midlands Arts who gave us their old networked 486's.
Winterfold House School who gave their old BBC computers to us.
Yorkshire Artswho set a great example by passing their old network on to us.
Yorkshire & Humberside Business in the Arts who gave us their Apricot and peripherals.
Yorkshire Media Production Agency have assisted with our marketing & transport budgets.
The YMCA Shop at Goodge Street, who gave us the machines they couldn't sell.